Russia Behind Bars Secret Santa 2024

Russia Behind Bars Secret Santa 2024

The New Year is approaching. Very soon, the city streets will be decorated with bright garlands, and well dressed-christmas trees will sparkle in the squares. Have you noticed that as the situation in Russia worsens, the holiday decorations get richer, and the New Year’s melodies get louder? 

The children are getting ready for the New Year, writing letters to Santa Claus, practicing poems and songs. Those who are older may have already stopped believing in New Year’s miracles, yet they still secretly make wishes, whispering them so no one will hear and laugh. The kids of “Russia Behind Bars” are also waiting patiently. Of course for most of them, the main event of the New Year’s would have been their moms and dads coming home. Unfortunately not even Santa Claus could grant this wish. 

The heroes of this story would really like to see their dad at home. Grisha, Dasha, and Zlata already haven’t seen their dad for a year and a half now. All this time he stays  in a pre-trial detention center for the charge of spreading lies about the army. Alexander was actively engaged in public activities, he was conducting investigations regarding corruption in law enforcement agencies and publishing it to his Youtube channel. Publishing an article about fake news has become a convenient way to get rid of an unwanted person. 

After what happened to the family, the oldest, Grisha, has decided to become a lawyer. He is already preparing for admissions so that he can help his mom and younger sister. Ten years old Dasha draws postcards for her dad and does everything in her power to look older and more mature, so she can cope with her troubles. The youngest is Zlata, who doesn’t remember her dad well anymore. When he was taken, she was only two and a half years old, but she often talks about him and patiently waits for his return.

The kids’ mom is trying her best. She works as a confectioner, making cakes to order at home, but there isn’t enough money for the four of them. Parcels need to be sent regularly to Alexander in the pre-trial detention center, and the family has remained without any kind of support. Alexander’s parents have stopped communicating with the family after the criminal prosecution. Katya is too ashamed to ask for help, but it’s one thing to deny yourself everything; denying the needs of children is a completely different matter. And without help, Santa Claus won’t be able to visit this year. This year, we need to gather New Year’s presents for 31 children. Each of them is waiting for their secret Santa, but we won’t manage without your support. So, we are inviting everyone who is interested, to don your Santa Claus hats and work your magic once again. There are two ways to help. You can independently order and send a present to one or more children (list and wishes here), having previously written an email to our coordinator at [email protected]. Or you can make a donation and we will do it for you. Thank you for helping the children believe in miracles.

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